Age limit

open to candidates born as of September 1st 1982, i.e. less than 35 years old.


Deadline: July 15th, 2017

Applications (name, address, phone, email) must include a musical curriculum vitae indicating artistic training. Please indicate in detail the pieces performed in the three rounds.
Please also notify intended participation in master class. Please send application by email to

Ordinary mail may be addressed to Raymond LEHNERT 20, rue de l’Étang L-3465 Dudelange

The registration fee is 75 EUR per participant. This amount includes the right to participate in one master class. Please remit latest on July 31st 2017 the registration fee to the following bank account:
Festival International de Musique d’Orgue Dudelange (FIMOD)


Bank account IBAN: LU52 0027 1844 0949 3100
Organ competition 2017.

This fee will not be refunded in the event the attendee withdraws his/her application.

For further information and application forms: Other rules

  1. At the end of August the organization will notify the participant of the rehearsal times for the qualifying round. Please direct any special wishes to the organization when applying.

  2. For semi final and final rounds, the order of sequence in which the competitors will rehearse and play, will be determined by casting lots prior to each round.

  3. The anonymity of the participants towards the jury will be strictly observed in all rounds.

  4. During the rehearsal each candidate receives help for operating the registration sequencer. During

    the rehearsal and competition one assistant is admitted.

  5. The jury will make its decisions in meetings that are not open to the public. Such decisions are final and incontestable.

  6. The jury is entitled to dispense with awarding prizes, to split a prize or to award special prizes.

  7. The organization may cancel the competition if the jury estimates the candidate's applications too

    low. In this case the registration fee will be refunded.

  8. The participants will arrange for their travel, food and accommodation expenses themselves.

  9. Upon arrival each competitor will be given free public transport tickets, offered by the Luxembourg

    Railway Company CFL. These tickets allow for free train transport between the towns of

    Luxembourg and Dudelange as well as for free bus transport.

  10. All rounds are open to public.

  11. It is srictly forbidden to make any kind of recordings during all rounds.

  12. No legal action can be taken.

  13. Each participant automatically accepts these conditions when applying.

  14. All items may be subject to modification.


This organ competition took its start in 2007 as a project of “Luxembourg and Greater Region – European Capital of Culture 2007”.The competition in 2017 will be its 6th edition.

Project leader

FIMOD, Festival International de Musique d’Orgue, Dudelange, a.s.b.l.
14, rue des Fleurs L3468 DUDELANGE / Tél. : (+352) 51 94 48 / /

Accomodation suggestions

Dudelange, Cottage Hotel, 10, rue Auguste Liesch, L-3474 Dudelange phone: (+352) 52 05 91 fax: (+352) 52 05 76

Dudelange, Hôtel Mille 9 sens, 10, rue du Commerce, L-3450 Dudelange
phone: (+352) 51 28 48 fax: (+352) 51 28 48 41

Luxembourg-City, Youthhostel, 2, rue du Fort Olisy, L-2261 Luxembourg phone: (+352) 26 27 66 650 fax: (+352) 26 27 66 680

For other hotels: Information (english)

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