Dominik Susteck (*1977) held a lecturer’s position for music theory and organ at the Bishop’s Sacred Music School in Essen, which he used for the dissemination and inclusion of contemporary music in church activities. He has also served as a lecturer at the Folkwang University in Essen, the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, and at the Franz Liszt Hochschule in Weimar; he has been a guest lecturer at the Hochschule for Music and Dance in Cologne, the Hochschule for Sacred Music in Dresden, as well with the Archdiocese of Cologne, the Diocese of Essen, and the Diocese of Mainz. Of particular importance to him is work with young people, with whom he has worked on projects dedicated to compositions by György Ligeti, Kurt Schwitters, John Cage, and Terry Riley, among others.

Since 2007, he has been the successor to Peter Bares as composer and organist at St. Peter’s Art Station in Cologne, where his improvisation concerts have attracted particular notice. Susteck has played numerous premiere performances of works by composers including Peter Bares, Erik Janson, Johannes S. Sistermanns, Stefan Froleyks, and Peter Köszeghy. His concerts have been broadcast by various German radio networks (among them Deutschlandfunk, WDR [West German Radio], and Saarland

Radio). Dominik Susteck is the director of the international festival “orgel-mixturen” and has been a guest at festivals for contemporary organ music in Berlin and Frankfurt. As a composer and organist, he has been awarded a number of prizes (among them the first prize in the Aeolian Trio Composition Competition in 2004, the Klaus Martin Ziegler Prize in 2008 in Kassel, and the first prize in composition in the “organ plus” competition at the music Hochschule in Mainz in 2010, 2012 price contemporary sacred music Schwäbisch Gmünd, german record critics’ award, 2013 german music competition in composition.)

Organ works

Each finalist will have to play one or two movements (free choice) of following organ works in the final round.


Zeitfiguren (2014) 
Strahlen (7‘) – Verschlungener Gang (7‘) – Zeit (7‘) – Leuchten (5‘) – Akkordecho (6‘) – Warten (6‘)

Scores - Commission by Archidiocese Paderborn

CD recorded by Tobias Aehlig at the organs of Paderborn Cathedral. Ambiente Audio. ACD-2034


Zeichen (2016)
Morse (6‘) – Funkfeuer (5‘) – Schatten (5‘) – Echos (5‘) – Signal (5‘) – Geister (5‘)

Scores - Commission by Diocese Essen for the Bishop's Sacred Music School


Raumgestalten (2018)
Schraffur (13‘) – Mond (8‘) – Geometrische Figuren (7‘) – Apokalypse (6‘) – Tropfen (5‘) – Endzeit (22‘)

Scores - Commission by Deutschlandfunk

CD recorded by Angela Metzger at the Kunststation Sankt Peter. Are 7024, EAN 4025034270249


Orgellabyrinth (2020)

Spiegelkabinett (6‘) – Der Rufer (6‘) – Runner (7‘) – Schwarzes Loch (5‘) – Unendlichkeit (7‘)

Scores - Commission by Sophienkirche Berlin with support by Musikfonds e.V.


All scores can be ordered at Are-Verlag

Score previews and YouTube-recordings can be seen at


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