The International organ competition Dudelange is an open competition without preselection.


Candidates born as of September 1st 1988, i.e. less than 35 years old.


40 candidats

Will be admitted the 40 candidats who first will have introduced their complete registration (including registration fee) and who will be accepted by the registration office.

As soon as 40 participants have registrated before the deadline of 15th July 2023, a maximum of 8 supplementary applicants may apply for a waiting list, at the condition that they will introduce their complete registration (including registration fee) that will be accepted by the registration office. In case of signing offs before 20th July 2023, applicants of the waiting list will be informed on free places. They will have to confirm their participation within 24 hours.


Deadline: July 15th, 2023

Applications have to be addressed by the online application form

In case of problems or questions, the address organcontest-2023-dudelange(at) may be contacted.

The registration fee is 125 EUR per participant. This amount includes the right for active participation in one master class. Please remit the registration fee to the following bank account:

Payee: Festival International de Musique d’Orgue Dudelange (FIMOD)
Bank account IBAN: LU10 0020 1593 5049 5000
Mention: Organ competition 2023

This fee will not be refunded, except the following events:

  • amount of 25 EUR, to all candidates who will be present at their rehearsal date for the qualifying round.
  • amount of 25 EUR, to all candidates who will withdraw before 20th Juli 2023.
  • amount of 125 EUR, to all applicants on the waiting list who will not be admitted to participate.
  • amount of 125 EUR, to all candidates if the competition will have to be cancelled or delayed by the project leader.



  1. The rehearsal times for the qualifying round will be communicated to the competitors after registration by the registration office. Please direct any special wishes when applying.
  2. For semi final and final rounds, the order of sequence in which the competitors will rehearse and play, will be determined by casting lots prior to each round.
  3. The anonymity of the participants towards the jury will be strictly observed in all rounds.
  4. As long as the candidate is in competition, contacts between the candidate or his assistant and the jury or members of the jury are not allowed.
  5. During the rehearsal each competitor receives help for operating the registration sequencer. During the rehearsal and competition maximum one assistant is admitted for page turning and activation of the sequencer. The assistant may not choose the registrations for the candidate as the registration is part of the candidate’s competition.
  6. The jury will make its decisions in meetings that are not open to the public. Such decisions are final and incontestable.
  7. The jury is entitled to dispense with awarding prizes, to split a prize or to award special prizes.
  8. The project leader may cancel the competition if the jury estimates the candidate's applications too low or in case of force majeure. In these cases the registration fee will be refunded.
  9. The participants will arrange themselves for their travel, food and accommodation expenses.
  10. Each competitor will have to send an electronic copy (PDF) of all scores of 2nd and final round before 15th July. Personal notes, except fingerings, are not allowed.
  11. All rounds are open to public.
  12. It is forbidden to make any kind of recordings during all rounds.
  13. No legal action can be taken.
  14. Each participant automatically accepts these conditions when applying.
  15. All items may be subject to modification.


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